About Irene

Romanian-born and trained in holistic European skin care, Irene has been an aesthetician for 35+ years. Before moving to Nashville in 1993, she owned and operated a successful New York City spa for nearly two decades. Her business has always been Nashville’s "best-kept secret," with her popularity having grown through repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising -- from those new to skin care to well-known celebrities.

"My intentions are to serve each individual client with the best possible treatment for their needs, with each visit tailored to fit exactly what you need. Having a healthy, radiant, youthful completion is as easy as including facials as a part of your grooming routine and maintaining good home-care." (Irene)

Irene works to heal the damage from environmental factors such as sun, extreme climate changes and pollution -- while also addressing the effects of diet, stress, aging and acne. She is an aesthetician for the aesthetician and does consulting.


"I am forever grateful for my grandmother’s wisdom that has inspired me to continue her work in healing through natural remedies. Everyday, I have been blessed with the opportunity to make a difference in so many lives by sharing my intuitive, healing gift." (Irene)


Irene’s Spa & Wellness is conveniently located in the heart of Hillsboro Village in Nashville. The spa is an intimate and peaceful space, making it your personal retreat for relaxation and renewal. Regardless of the specific treatment you choose, you'll leave feeling better and looking forward to your next visit!

Treat yourself to total skin care.