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Irene's Spa & Wellness is designed to be an intimate and private retreat specializing in relaxation and renewal. We provide a holistic approach to skin care which is all inclusive and treats the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Our facials and skin treatments are designed to bring out your skin's natural glow through a unique combination of cleansing, toning and revitalization.

Founded by one of the best skin therapists in Nashville, Irene's Spa & Wellness provides the healing arts of aromatherapy and one-of-a-kind, customizable services. Let us create an exceptional experience of relaxation and regeneration in a professional and nurturing environment -- set up your appointment today!

Come and explore where your journey will take you.


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Irene is very passionate about fostering an atmosphere of relaxation and renewal for her clients, providing an experience like no other.

nashville spa facials holistic skin care

Holistic skin and body care is a complete approach and philosophy that involves and incorporates a person’s total health.

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